Dog poop is bad for the environment. It is an environmental pollutant and a human health hazard on top of being a unsightly mess for your A.I.R. Helper to step in or robot mower to run over. 

In 1991, dog waste was labeled a non-point source pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), placing it in the same category as excess fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides. Unlike other common residential lawn pollutants dog waste often contains bacteria, worms and parasites that can make you and/or your pets sick.

Giardia, ringworm, roundworm, tapeworm, whipworm, parvovirus, salmonella and E. coli are examples of such inhabitants, all of which are commonly found in dog poop and are easily transferable. These waste-borne pathogens thrive in the poop until it is cleaned up or washed into the water supply.

For the sake of the planet, A.I.R. Helpers shoes, and A.I.R. robot mowers, sign up for our dog poop pickup service by going to our booking page and selecting "Dog Poop Pickup (Property Type, Time Since Last Clean, # of Dogs" under the services menu.