A basic hive is $500, including bees, and it includes the following:

  • Painted orange with A.I.R. logo
  • 8- or 1 O-frame configuration
  • Medium or deep brood boxes
  • Medium honey supers
  • Screened rPM bottom board
  • Solid (winter) or screened (summer) inner covers
  • Telescoping outer cover
  • Wooden frames with plastic foundation
  • Additional supers and frames, feeder and feed supplements, queen excluders, robbing screens, drone frames, beetle traps, mite treatments, and other materials and components will be added at no additional cost by the beekeeper as needed to maximize hive health and honey production.

Optional Hive Additions:

  • Gabled copper top ($70)
  • Alternate paint ($25)
  • Slatted bottom racks ($20)
  • Hive stands ($70)