What does a Robot Mowing Standard Professional Installation include?

  • Basic installation of cable wire on freshly mowed grass (grass must be mowed prior to installation).
  • Standard laying of appropriate guide wire and perimeter wire in yard including along fences, walls, driveways and walkways.
  • Crossing driveway or hardscapes with no modification included (expansion joints used).
  • Delivery of robotic mower and accompanying parts.
  • Installation of charging/docking station (maximum distance from electrical outlet is 25 feet).
  • Unlocking of robotic mower (security code to be provided to customer).
  • Testing to ensure proper installation and operation.
  • General introduction and tutorial.
  • App setup and connectivity syncing (when applicable).
  • Final cleanup of job site.
  • Execution of a certificate of completion.
  • One (1) pre-delivery inspection of your property to assess installation requirements
  • Two (2) post-installation visits within 30 days to make sure your robot mower is working properly.

What is not included with the Standard Professional Installation?

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Property modifications to existing landscape.
  • Moving or installing electrical outlets.
  • Crossing driveway or hardscapes with modifications.
  • Modifications to fences (whether invisible pet fences or perimeter fences).
  • Modifications to islands or flower beds.
  • Grinding down roots or other items.

Note: The installer will negotiate any additional fees related to the installation such as those noted above that are not included in the standard installation.