Dog poop DNA analysis is a technology used in communities where all new and existing dog-owning residents are required to submit a mouth swab DNA sample from their dog. A database is then created and when dog poop is found on community grounds, the community manager collects a sample in a plastic vial and sends it to the dog poop DNA testing facility. Poop samples are then crosschecked with DNA records to identify the offender. Once a match is made, the community levies an assessment fee against the offending owner; typically $100 for the first offence. In many communities using this system, repeat offenders risk escalating fines and possible loss of pet ownership privileges in the community.

It is recommended for communities that are governed as a single entity (ex: association) with by-laws, declarations and/or covenants that allow for mandated programs to be implemented and enforced, with or without voluntary participation from residents.