Reliable: Our robot mowers work in accordance with a pre-programmed mowing plan, while still being able to react to changing conditions. Within a set timeframe called Active Time, your robot mower decides whether or not to mow. For example, if it’s raining, the sensor tells the robot mower not to mow and to catch up on the lost mowing time later in the week. For rainy climates, the robot mowers are capable of mowing in the rain and the rain sensor can be deactivated.

Quiet: Our robot mowers mow so quietly, your neighbors will hardly notice it’s there. Because our robot mowers are so quiet, we can program them to mow at night. Powered by an advanced Lithium-Ion battery, our robot mowers emit no emissions while working.

Allergy Relief: Our robot mowers do not kick up dust and dirt like a traditional mower which helps provide relief for people with allergies.