Not every yard is suitable for a robot mower. It depends on the complexity, slopes, power supply, and size of the yard.

We take a look at your property using the aerial and street views of Google Maps. We ask that you provide us pictures of your yard from your house and from your yard similar to the ones below:

Ex. Picture from Your House

Ex. Picture from Your Yard

Please email pictures similar to the ones above to with the following subject line format (Robot Mowing House & Yard Pictures for INSERT YOUR HOUSE ADDRESS).

If needed we can do a physical site survey. All of the above will help us in letting you know if there are areas that the robot mower will not be able to mow. 

Some challenges to installing a robot mower on your property include the following:

  • Irrigation lines and valves 
  • Well pumps
  • Trees, Tree Roots, & Tree Stumps
    • The robot mowers can easily get stuck on exposed tree roots. They are easy to work around, but might require more string trimming especially areas where trees are very close together and have exposed roots. 

  • Bushes
  • Children's play things
  • Ditches
  • Divets/Holes in the lawn
    • Just as exposed tree roots can cause the robot mower to get stuck so can divets/holes in your yard. Not to mention they are not safe and pose a liability for anyone that is walking through your yard. 
  • Swimming pools or ponds 
  • Poor drainage/low areas that have standing water after a thunderstorm
    • The robot mowers are just like a turtle, they have hard shells, but a soft underbelly. The outside shell of the robot mower is very water proof. The robot mower has a rain sensor, but this will not prevent it from driving into standing water. If the robot mower were to run into a puddle with more than 2" of water it will fry the motherboard. The cost to replace this is almost the same cost as purchasing a brand new robot mower.